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Goodness Is Never Too Far Ahead

Educational 4D puzzles

PUZZLES+ in Bergenfield, New Jersey offers an amazing selection of puzzles great for cognitive development. A puzzle is an effective learning tool used to improve concentration and enhance motor skills. For further inquiries, you may reach us via phone or email.

1. 4D In short, they are 3 "D" imensions + "D" etails

2. New era puzzle products which are combination of top-craftsmanship figurines with 3D puzzle building blocks

3. 10 to 100 plastic parts to form a figurine/vehicle/diorama

4. All carry the finest colourings and excellent finishes

5. 4D PUZZLE ™ is not only a puzzle TOY generating FUN, but also a cool & interesting educational TOOL stimulating THOUGHTS


1. To train up your kids to face difficulty, challenge and be patient

2. Very good exercise for eyes, brain and hands co-ordination

3. To build up the kids' self-confidence and relationship with their families by giving them encouragement during playing

4. To raise curiosity & inspiring them in learning about our universe, human history,and other creatures on our home planet

5. To provide a platform for kids and parents to enjoy the playing time together

6. On continuously making new records of fastest completion time,

kids find satisfaction and sense of achievement