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Goodness Is Never Too Far Ahead


B.Dazzle Scramble Squares Puzzle Squirrels


Squirrels are cute animals, and their highly industrious behavior is fun to watch. Squirrels hoard food in autumn for the winter months by burying nuts, which they later relocate with their amazing sense of smell. A single squirrel can bury several thousand nuts over the course of 3 months. Squirrels find only a portion of the nuts that they bury and contribute to the propagation of many species of nut trees which grow from the unfound nuts. To protect their winter food stocks from potential thieves, grey squirrels pretend to bury nonexistent nuts and seeds, a behavior which zoologists believe is designed to fool rival squirrels, birds or humans who might be watching their storage activity. Squirrels use their long bushy tails to wrap around their faces for warmth, to help them keep their balance when they are running along tree limbs and even to spread as a kind of parachute when they fall. A squirrel’s tail, as with the tail of a cat, signals its mood. Quick jerks of a squirrel’s tail, for example, means that the squirrel is nervous or upset.

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